The Perfect Road Trip

By on November 15, 2012

Long car journeys can be a real tedious chore. Nothing ahead but serious traffic congestion or hours of motorway.  There are many ways in which a dull journey can be pepped up, especially when the sky is the limit on who you are enjoying the ride with. Stop for a moment and design your perfect road trip.

The car has to be just right for the fantasy road trip to start with a bang. My own favourite choice would have to be a convertible, perhaps something gregarious and over the top. The way forward would be to choose something that reflects your personality or maybe it would be better to choose the car that you have always dreamed of. For instance, James Bond fans would probably choose a sleek Aston Martin. Fans of Grease might, like me, go for the old Greased Lightning classic. Maybe you would like a ride in Herbie or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The choice is entirely up to you.

The route would certainly set the mood for the journey. The fantasy road trip could take place absolutely anywhere, the moon could be quite an exciting destination but so could the seabed. Traditional road trips have been covered in many movies, Thelma and Louise covered the iconic roads through the Nevada Desert. There are beautiful scenes in every James Bond movie with the dashing Mr Bond involved in high speed car chases along precarious mountain backed ledges. Choose a trip that looks cool and will feel great.

So, who is your ultimate car partner? The list is endless. Perhaps you would love to drive around Tennessee with the King himself, Elvis Presley? A moonlight drive with the movie star of your choice could also be a great choice. Obviously, time and whether they are still alive do not impact upon your choice. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, could be a popular choice. Even a relative who is no longer here could be a friendly companion on your fantasy journey.

Thinking about the back seat passengers is also a fun thought. If the Rolling Stones could potentially entertain you on a huge trip on Route 66, then squeeze em in. The Supremes, REM or The Sex Pistols could all be present on your adventure, whatever feels good.

Maybe you should plan a stop for lunch on your journey. A real American Diner could really fill you up. If you prefer something more refined, try El Bulli in Spain, the chef’s choice of restaurant. A picnic with Mr Pitt or just one last dinner with Granny.

Driving in fantasyland is always an adventure and can be for the feint hearted. Driving in reality is not always a pleasant activity, even with great driving conditions. The company in your car can really make or break a journey. So, let your imagination run riot and happy driving.

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